About Us

Reinzure.com, a product of Dewdice, has been developed for the B2B insurance market to support Insurers, Reinsurers, Direct Brokers, Reinsurance Brokers, MGUs, MGAs, Captives and others for Direct, Reinsurance & Coinsurance Business and Global Programs. “DEWDICE”, the umbrella under which ReinZure.com falls, was established with the purpose of supporting digitalization of the financial sector especially the insurance industry. Our initial primary focus will be to serve the B2B sector of the insurance market but ultimately, we would like to be the most favoured Insurance digital network for the entire insurance industry, be it in the B2B sector or B2C sector or any other functional sectors related to the insurance industry.

Vision and Mission

Vision :

To create a Universal Digital Insurance Market.


Empower the Insurance industry with the state of art digital insurance solutions and high-quality domain expertise at affordable cost

CEO's message

MB SabuFounder & CEO


“Dewdice” is a startup venture developed to support financial sector, primarily the Insurance industry.

Our first product from Dewdice is Reinzure.com, a business-to-business (B-to-B) insurance online platform / marketplace.

One of the challenges when we ventured into Reinzure.com was to provide a superior product that will be cost wise competitive and with improved operational productivity. We can now confidently say that Reinzure.com will help to reduce your business technology costs substantially and improve the operational productivity tremendously. Thanks to the efforts of the panel of consultants in our team with various expertise like Underwriting, Reinsurance, Marketing, Business Development, Claims, Finance & Accounting, Legal & Compliance, Banking, IT etc.

Reinzure.com has been developed to support Reinsurance business, Direct Broker business, Coinsurance business & Global Programs (fronting business).

In a nutshell, Reinzure.com is not just a reinsurance online portal but it is much more than that covering the essential parts of the B-to-B functions of the insurance industry both in the direct side and the reinsurance side.

We are proud to say that Reinzure.com will be a small step in the right direction in digitalizing the insurance industry in general. Reinzure.com has been developed to solve some of the legacy issues in the industry among others.

Reinzure.com will help in new business generation, business placements, risk mitigation, avoiding gaps in covers, placement slip comparisons, claim intimations, accounting reconciliation, management & functional dash boards, management of workflow etc. Some of the methods used by Reinzure.com will be innovative to the industry and our goal is to deliver business transactions simple, faster & easier with accountability.

Reinzure.com will bring Insurers, Reinsurers, Direct Brokers, Reinsurance Brokers, MGUs, MGAs and other industry related business stake holders under one umbrella. Reinzure.com will be a place where all business stake holders will freely interact and transact business with utmost ease and confidence.

We are using Cloud technology for our platforms and have the highest data security and data privacy policies in line with some of the best standards in place.

Reinzure.com is just the beginning. Dewdice is committed to developing many more products to cover various functions and aspects of the insurance industry.

Together we can innovate and improvise the digital revolution in the insurance industry.

Qua la revolution commence.